Be Fearless Keyring

Be Fearless Keyring


Our fans are the best! As soon as we introduce a product, it isn't long before one of them says, 'It's perfect. I love it. BUT, would it be possible to have it like _____ instead?" 

Over the weekend, one of our customers told us that she would love a 'Be Fearless' keyring for her son. While she loved the message, she wasn't so sure he would wear the piece styled as a necklace. So easy-peasey, we borrowed the pendant from a necklace that had just been made for another customer, put it on a sterling silver keyring, snapped a photo, and within a few hours of her initial request, she placed an order. It looks like we've made one Victorian mum (and hopefully her son) very happy!

We explain all of that, to give you some history about this piece, but also to let you know that's how we roll at Talisman Jewellery. ;) We don't do mass production, and oftentimes, we're able to make changes to a piece to suit your particular needs. So . . . Yes, the chain can be longer. Yes it can come on a leather cord. Yes, it can be made into a keyring. Yes, we can do that in 9ct gold . . .

Perhaps the answer won't ALWAYS be 'yes,' but just ask the question, and we'll let you know when we can't do something.

So back to THIS keyring . . . the 'Be Fearless' keyring 'charm' is made from pure silver using a hand-casting method; a process which causes slight variations in each piece we create. It is approximately 20mm from top to bottom. After it is hand-cast, it is oxidised and then polished. Each piece in our Gentle Truths Collection was meant to be rubbed and touched, giving you, or the person you give this to, a physical connection to the message.

We'll probably be adding some additional keychains soon, but in the meantime if you have an idea for one, just let us know . . .we'll quite likely say, 'Yes.'