Be the Change You Wish to See

Be the Change You Wish to See


While "Be the change you wish to see" or "Be the Change you wish to see in the world," may not actually be a quote from Mahatma Gandhi (some scholars dispute this, but really how can anyone know for certain?), we think it sure sounds like something that Gandhi MIGHT have said. So, we're choosing to give him credit.

After our first release of "Gentle Truths," we began receiving so many requests for other other inspirational messages that we asked our Facebook fans for a 'few' suggestions . . . more than 300 responses later (LOL) we selected a few finalists, and then polled fans to pick the winner. We actually had three variations on this quote (or mis-quote?), but the finalist chosen, and subsequently selected by Talisman Jewellery fans, was the lovely Tric T. from South Australia.

Her prize is actually the first "Be the Change" necklace out of the Studio. Hopefully, we'll be seeing it modelled on Tric very soon! Hint . . . hint, Tric!

This "Be the change you wish to see" pendant was created in our Sydney Studio using fine silver and a hand-casting process that makes each piece we create, just a little different. As with all of our "Gentle Truths" pieces, we take the newly cast pendants, oxidise them so the backgrounds are darkened, and then polish and burnish the lettering so the messages really shine brightly. We play with different shapes and sizes, but we felt this message seemed to suit a 22mm round shape perfectly.

Each piece in the Collection is designed to be 'handled,' giving the wearer a physical connection to the message. As we designed this Collection, we felt the pendants suited a 40 or 45 cm ball chain (select option below), but if you fancy something else - a leather cord, a hand-crocheted sythetic cord, or perhaps a different silver chain - just let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen. Use the 'Contact Us' link at bottom of this page.