Eclipse Necklace

Eclipse Necklace


I'm drawn to this shape and have been wanting to do a hand-stamped piece like this for awhile now. From $139, the Eclipse Necklace is available in three options - the small ring, the large ring, or both. Or if you really love gold, ask us about 18kt, 9kt, and gold-plated custom options (the Eclipse necklace looks spectacular in gold).

The crescent-like sterling silver circles are just 20mm and 30mm so be please aware that there are limits as to what we can stamp on them. Sometimes if a name has lots of narrow letters like 'i,'or 'l' we can squeeze in a bit more, but check with us if in doubt. As a rule of thumb, we can get nine characters on the small ring, and sixteen on the larger one. This piece is finished with either a 1.5mm curb chain, or a rolo chain.


Eclipse Pendants